Honey workshop 🐝🐝🐝

19 maja, 2024 - Działania
Honey workshop 🐝🐝🐝

📢 We love to share with you the wonderful moments we spend at our school! Today we would like to tell you about a unique workshop that took place as part of the “3,2,1 … Time for Health” project.
We had the chance once again to host a true enthusiast and master of her craft – Mrs Natalia Jakubus, who shared with us her vast knowledge and love of bees. 🌼🐝
During the workshop:
We were makig frames, learning how our favorite honeys are made 🍯
We created our own candles from natural beeswax 🕯️
We painted bags, introducing bee matters into our daily lives 🎨
And finally, we tasted a variety of delicious honeys, discovering their flavors and properties! 😋
It was an amazing adventure, full of new experiences and inspiration. Thank you Ms. Natalia for the wonderful workshop and all participants for their active participation!
Mrs Jakubus showed us that passion and love for what you do can turn into something special! 🐝🍯