“Canvas of the World” – art exhibition and Mandala Art Therapy workshops

27 marca, 2024 - Działania
“Canvas of the World” – art exhibition and Mandala Art Therapy workshops


Mandala Art Therapy

The participants of the Erasmus + project `3,2,1 … Time for Health` perfectly completed an eventful week in a pleasant company, getting acquainted with the power of the Mandala world at the art workshop „Heart Patterns”, which was conducted by Svetlana Okuneva, a member of „Pedagogy of Culture in Estonia” and a member of Estonian Roerich Society from Tallinn.

A mandala is a circular geometric pattern reflecting the entire universe and human structure. The mandala is called the „flower of life”, a simple and pure expression of natural geometry, which fulfills a wish and gives peace of mind and truth. The process of creating a mandala is the best way to be in harmony with the harmony of the world, to develop a personal ability to concentrate and get a sense of well-being, since the circle means peace of mind and the mystery of power.

The art workshop began with the art exhibition “Canvas of the World”, which was followed by two interesting master classes: StoneArt Mandala for elementary school students and making mandalas “Portuguese Star” for students of 7-8 forms. Students gained a unique experience of harmony and symmetry by making complex patterns of multicolored threads. Symmetry in nature fascinates and delights – from a blooming flower to snowflake crystals and the symmetry of the human body. We are surrounded by the beauty and perfection of nature.

Art workshops promote relaxation, a sense of calm, reduce stress, anxiety, depression and improve mood by raising awareness about mental health. Mandala art as therapy & healing has been used for ages by a wide variety of cultures. Thanks to an experienced teacher Svetlana Okuneva, our students managed to create personal mandalas and look into their inner world of the soul.