The photography competition has been decided (Poland)

13 lutego, 2023 - Działania
The photography competition has been decided (Poland)

11 young photographers from grades 5-8 competed in a competition with a mysterious title – “Slow food and junk food in your lens”, which was organised as part of the Erasmus+ project “3, 2, 1… time for health”. Super prizes awaited the winners – 3 gift vouchers to Galeria Vivo! worth PLN 50, (3rd place), PLN 100 (2nd place) and PLN 150 (1st place).

The most interesting photo was voted for by both pupils from classes 4-8 and teachers. A total of 86 votes were cast.

First place, with 25,5% of all votes, went to Wiktoria Sikora from class 6 (photo: Healthy, tasty and green); second place, with 17,4% of all votes, went to Maria Filipczak from class 5 (photo: FAST FOOD in a SLOW FOOD version); third place, with 12,8% of all votes, went to Jagoda Warchoł from class 6 (photo: Healthy and colourful food)!

Congratulations to all the school photographers who took part in the competition. Each photo, in theopinion of pupils and teachers, was great, but only three people could stand on the podium.